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400 Bespoke Furniture Packages Completed

In the vibrant and burgeoning district of Wembley, the landmark building on the North West London skyline, WEM is designed to be different. Innovative compact living apartments shaped for the way young professionals live. This development required multiple show flats for the different shaped units all showcasing clever storage solutions and different styles so there was something for everyone and completing 400 fully furnished apartments. We enjoyed the challenge of creating an eclectic portfolio for WEM to showcase its residential units on a large scale.

Luxurious residential lobby with industrial interior



This lounge and cafe is part of a residential building complex in Wembley. The developers wanted to create a homely, friendly environment for residents and guests to work and socialise in, rather than feel confined to their apartments. The comfy sofas and armchairs offer the perfect setting to relax and get together with friends, combined with bistro tables to sit and have a coffee from the cafe.

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