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Residential Management

Discover the perfect harmony of residential maintenance along with elite housekeeping and cleaning at Juliana Concierge. Our dedicated team ensures your home is a masterpiece of comfort, cleanliness, and sophistication. From routine upkeep to meticulous care, we guarantee pristine living spaces. Experience the pleasure of returning to flawlessly arranged rooms where serenity reigns supreme.


Juliana Concierge elevates your living experience to perfection, curating homes that transcend the ordinary.

Our Property Maintenance service ensures your London home remains a sanctuary of comfort and elegance. We offer comprehensive care including routine inspections, expert repairs, and maintenance of your home's interior and exterior. Trust us to handle everything from plumbing issues to electrical upkeep, all with the utmost discretion and professionalism

Property Maintenance

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Experience the highest standard of cleanliness and organization with our Housekeeping and cleaning service. Our team of skilled professionals provides regular cleaning, laundry, and meticulous organization, ensuring your home is always pristine and welcoming. We use eco-friendly products and pay special attention to detail, ensuring every corner of your home shines.

Housekeeping & Cleaning

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Let's Work Together.

If you would like to discuss a future project or learn more about Juliana, please contact us.

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