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Cultivating stillness and honing negative space

We often feel compelled to fill the void. In conversation, it's a struggle to endure the awkwardness of a pause. We rush to break the silence, even if we have nothing to say. And the same is true of styling. The discomfort of a blank wall or surface is hard to endure. But emptiness can be an expression of potential, and be a form of beauty.

Not every corner or surface needs something where often, less is more. I've applied those principles to arranging objects, eliminating excess and distilling compositions to their essence. A candleholder can look so elegant on its own. A single painting, offset, can leave a stretch of wall as a reprieve for the eye. And a coffee table can be a sculpture unto itself.

I always treat every space as a play of energy and just as in human chakras it needs to be balance and harmony. It’s in the stillness that magic happens.



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