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With my Swedish small-town roots growing up with an infinity of horses because of their authentic, kind, yet powerfully calm nature, they repeatedly made me feel alive and well. I soon realized that happiness was often linked to a place or situation that could be triggered by a smell, touch, sight, or taste, and since that day, my life has been dedicated to creating 'spaces' for clients that evoke whatever feelings they wish to repeatable 'bathe' in.

The place you choose to call your home is the most personal thing you will ever possess and should be your safe space and the absolute core of your happiness. It should tell a story of who you are and reflect your personality. It is my job to understand your dreams and desires, being all about what feels special for you.

Often I have to pinch myself to ensure I’m not dreaming about the exciting work of repeatedly creating magic in my quest to revolutionize the world of interiors. I am forever blessed and grateful for waking up every day with an unstoppable drive and sense that anything is possible, which is the core of what I do.


"At Juliana, we create a bespoke personalised true haven for you, with all the right compelling touches to make you proud to call that place a home. Every project is a unique journey, and our passion is making your innermost dreams come true. From tactile textiles and chic scents through to decadent decor - our concepts are delightfully enchanting and mesmerising. The devil is in the detail, and our team delivers a truly immersive experience - appealing to all of the human senses, from sight, to touch and smell, to create something truly magical"

"Interiors, fashion, art, mindset, lifestyle & architecture. It’s all the same to me. Dreams. Love. Beauty. Chaos"



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