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Juliana's journey kicked off with a dazzling win as Miss Congeniality at Miss Teen Universe, opening doors to a globe-trotting adventure and an immersion into the realm of interiors.


Her portfolio boasts the embellishment of over a thousand residences, attracting an elite clientele as illustrious as it is diverse: from tycoons and CEOs to icons of entertainment, sports, and haute couture.


She is the visionary behind Europe's largest luxury concept store and the mastermind behind the sublime beauty salon nestled within London Carlton’s, a jewel in the crown of the prestigious 7-star Jumeirah hotel group. But she doesn't stop there. Her current masterpiece? An opulent 105-meter speed yacht boasting a helicopter pad and cutting-edge biohacking technologies.

Juliana is now captivating audiences worldwide as the prestigious interior designer on Netflix's newest high-end production, "Buying London."



Juliana's life was an enchanting blend of seemingly disparate worlds: a journey that seamlessly blended her rural beginnings with the global stage and a passion for interior design.


I wanted to share a more personal insight into my life story and emphasise the importance of not judging a book by its cover. My goal is to empower others and demonstrate that anything is possible if we put our minds to it and never give up.

“At one point I didn’t have a roof over my head, I’ve been raped, scammed, abused and lost more money than I can count. I’ve been diagnosed with complex PTSD because of the many traumatic experiences endured and gone through hell and back to be where I am today. Most days I am thankful to be alive.”

I grew up in a small town in Sweden, spending my life in the stables with horses, aspiring to be a professional show jumper. Eventually, I had to accept the harsh reality that competing at the top level was beyond my reach, as it is a sport for the wealthy. Seeking to leave that world behind and change my identity, I decided to escape and start anew.

After winning Miss Congeniality at Miss Teen Universe, I travelled the world as a model and finally settled in London.


I came to the big city being really naive—I was like a fish in a shark tank—young, pretty, naive, and vulnerable, and men took advantage of that.

I arrived with nothing more than my two suitcases and eventually saved up some money through jobs, but I was trusting the wrong people. I made a poor choice and invested everything I owned in one of my acquaintance’s projects, and I lost everything—he emotionally blackmailed me.


I was left with £160 to my name and ended up homeless. Shortly after, I began dating a man who eventually let me move in with him. Unfortunately, the relationship soon turned ugly and abusive. Eventually, I escaped by moving in with an old flatmate who kindly let me stay with him rent-free for three months.

Desperate and broke, I emailed more than 300 estate agents looking for work, after having a “random idea” to sell furniture packages for landlords. I heard back from one agent, and I furnished a three-bedroom apartment in two weeks—I had no money, no workmen, no van, no storage, and bought everything from IKEA.


The rest is history. I haven’t spent one penny on sales or marketing, and from zero, I managed to grow a successful business, becoming an expert in the field through word of mouth. Ultimately, by being a hard worker and always going above and beyond.

I think my experiences have made me very personable, and I’ve definitely been very lucky. I used to be ashamed of my past and always felt it was my fault and that it was important to appear perfect and strong at all times. Recently, I found the courage to share my journey in the hope of empowering others and advocating for mental health.


With a mission that goes far beyond interior design, I am passionate about making a difference through effective communication, the transformative power of teaching, the nurturing essence of healing, and a dedicated commitment to serving humanity. This purpose fuels the creation of new beginnings, drives the pursuit of dreams, and encourages the embrace of new experiences.

Love and light,

Juliana x 
















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